Foundations and Substructures

Mostrim Groundworks has the experience and Staff to undertaken all of the Following Foundation Solutions:

  • Standard strip/Trench fill foundations
  • Deep trench fill foundations
  • Piled and ring beam construction
  • Concrete reinforced raft Slabs
  • Piled and precast ring beam solutions
  • Pad and beam construction
  • Ground stabilisation

Once the foundations are in place it’s time for the Substructure and Oversite, the following approaches are carried out regularly by Mostrim’s Experienced Staff:

  • Substructure Blockwork and brickwork
  • Traditional Block and beam floor construction
  • Reinforced Concrete slabs including, power-floating

Mostrim Groundworks are more than happy to act as principal contractor to Assist the main contractor in the early stages of the project until the Main contractors presence is required on site.
Mostrim Groundworks are also equipped to apply for all road opening, road closure, footpath closure notices and traffic light applications as well as designing and submitting traffic management plans.
Mostrim Groundworks will also carry out mains services installation, and carry out any remedial works required to allow sites to be handed over to the relevant Authorities, or alternatively into maintenance or final adoption.